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BARD 40 Year Review


Appendix 1

Summaries of the 20 Case Studies

The summaries of the 20 case studies are presented below. The detailed analysis of each project appears in the Evaluation Compendium available for further reading on BARD's website. 


Case Study 1: Magical Nebula: A New Sweet Snack Tomato

Case Study 2: Brix Quantitative Trait Loci for Processing Tomatoes

Case Study 3: Power Wheat: Genes for Improvement of Modern Wheat

Case Study 4: Improved Feed Efficiency in Chickens

Case Study 5: Increased Prolificacy in Domestic Sheep

Case Study 6: Genetic Improvement of Economic Traits in Dairy Cattle

Case Study 7: Full Life-Cycle Hatchery-Based Aquaculture

Case Study 8: In-Ovo Feeding: Jumpstarting the Development of the Chick

Case Study 9: Monosex Prawns: Exploiting Androgenic Gland Function for Sex Reversal

Case Study 10: Tilapia Lake Virus: A Threat to the Global Tilapia Industry

Case Study 11: Prolonging the Quality of Ornamental Foliage Plants

Case Study 12: Biocontrol Agents for Pre and Post-Harvest

Case Study 13: Mango Treatment: Extending Shelf Life Using Less Chemicals

Case Study 14: Trichoderma: A Potent Fungus as a Biological Control Agent

Case Study 15: Bumblebees for Crop Pollination: Social Behavior

Case Study 16: Creation of a Transient Expression Vector for Citrus: An Effective Immunity against Citrus Greening

Case Study 17: Basil Lines Highly Resistant to Downy Mildew

Case Study 18: GOSSYM Cotton Model

Case Study 19: Marine Aquaculture Solid Waste Treatment

Case study 20: Integrated Robotic System for Stress Detection in Greenhouses