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BARD 40 Year Review

10. List of Figures

Figure 1: Submitted and Approved Proposals 1979-2018   

Figure 2: Sources of Income (1979-2018) 

Figure 3: The Purchasing Power of the US Dollar (1979-2018)

Figure 4: BARD Budget Allocation by Country (US, Israel)

Figure 5: Distribution of Funded Research Projects by State   

Figure 6: Distribution of Projects Across BARD Panels   

Figure 7: The Main Results of the Online Survey  

Figure 8: The 6 Main Contributing Projects to the US Economy, accumulated $ million

Figure 9: The 4 Main Contributing Projects to the Israeli Economy, accumulated $ million

Figure 10: The 4 Main Contributing Projects to the Economy of other countries, accumulated $ million


11. List of Tables

Table 1: Summary of Submitted and Approved Proposals by Research Field and Approval Rate

Table 2: BARD Allocation of Budget by Type of Expenditure (BARD Research Grant Program)

Table 3: Postdoctoral Fellowship Grants by Research Fields

Table 4: Selected Case Studies for In-depth Analysis

Table 5: 20 Selected Case Studies: Capacity Building and Investment

Table 6: 20 Selected Case Studies: Main Economic Results

Table 7: Evolvement of Each Case Study Research Project Over Time